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I Want To Measure My Data Quality

If Data Is Worth Having, Then It’s Worth Managing,
If it’s Worth Managing, Then It’s Worth Measuring

If you want to improve anything in life then measuring it reveals its true status, the same applies to your data.  Measure data is the only way for you to continually make improvements to your data. Subsequently you will know that you are truly deriving the benefits that your business deserves and the data is working for you.

We use two methodologies for measuring data quality. First is Acuate’s Seven Dimensions of Data Quality and the second is Record Scoring.

Seven Dimensions of Data Quality

This technique examines seven aspects of data.  Our whitepaper details each of these separately (see below). 

The seven are:


Completeness Is all the data present?
Accuracy Is the data what it should be?
Conformity Does the data conform to your internal or external reference data?
Currency Is you data current correct today?
Consistency Is your data consistent in its format?
Deduplication Does your data contain duplicates?
Integrity Is your data connected properly?

You can create reports for any of your data or business rules. The picture blow is a spread showing the how the dimensions are applied to different types of data.  Contact Acuate to learn more about this Audit Report and how you can use this information to proactive improve your data quality and the effectiveness of your business.  

Seven Dimensions Audit Report

Read More:  The Seven Dimension of Data Quality The Most Precise Method Available Today

Record Scoring

This technique is designed to include a data quality score into your database.  You can include a score for your contact quality, account quality, household accuracy, address quality and so on.

In the example below, we use a standard record.  Data quality rules are applied looking at 11 different aspects of the record.  The rules are weighted in terms of importance to the business and the end result is a score that is a true reflection of what this record means to you.

Contact Us if you like to explore ways of how this can be applied into your application.  Our flagship product Acuate Integrity provides all the rules need to evaluate such a score.

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Customer Life-Time Values and Data

If your customer spends £10,000 on average over their life time (i.e. the average time a customer stays with you) then every sales or marketing campaign that has bad data will potentially lose the whole customer life-time value.

When you link the quality your data to the customer life-time value, you can measurable see the massive impact that data has.

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Data Degrades

Data degrades, unless you have a data strategy that measurably improves data quality.

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