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Getting Started
The Getting Started video highlights some the key features of the Acuate Profiler Product. To gain a detailed knowledge of how to use this product,
see the training videos below.
Duration: 1m 53s
Video Training
1. How to use Text File
To profile a Text file, watch this video
Duration: 1m 37s
2. How to use a Microsoft Access File
To profile a Microsoft Access file, watch this video
Duration: 1m 05s
3. How to use Microsoft Excel File
To profile a Microsoft Excel File, watch this video
Duration: 1m 07s
4. How to Apply Profiling Rules
To Apply Profiling Rules, watch this video
Duration: 1m 39s
5. How to Drill Down on Profiling Results
To Drill Down on Profiling Results, watch this video
Duration: 1m 16s
6. How to Use Interactive Profiling
To Use Interactive Profiling, watch this video
Duration: 2m 54s
7. How to Apply a Filter
To Apply a Filter, watch this video
Duration: 1m 33s
8. How to Define Data Types
To Define Data Types, watch this video
Duration: 50s
9. How to Generate an Export File
To Generate an Export File, watch this video
Duration: 2m 09s
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What File Types Are Supported
The following files are supported:
  1. Any delimited text files
  2. Microsoft Excel™
    1. Excel 97
    2. Excel 2000
    3. Excel 2002
    4. Excel 2003
    5. Excel 2007
    6. Excel 2010
    7. Excel 2013
  3. Microsoft Access™
    1. Access 97
    2. Access 2000
    3. Access 2002
    4. Access 2003
    5. Access 2007
    6. Access 2010
    7. Access 2013
If you wish to connect to other types of files or data sources, please submit a Product Feature Request.
2. What Functionality is Restricted in the Trial Version?
The trial version has the following restrictions:
  1. After 14 days the product will not work without a product key
  2. Only the first 5,000 records are processed
  3. You can only drill down on some of the profiling rule results. An message will appear where there is a restriction
  4. You cannot apply a filter
  5. In Interactive Profiling, you can only drill down on the Multiple Values Count chart
  6. You cannot export data
As soon as you have a valid product key, you can access all parts of the application.
3. I don’t have Microsoft Office, Can I process Excel and Access files?
You will need the Microsoft Database Engine for Acuate Profiler to connect with Access and Excel files.
If the product does not work with them, then download the Access Database Engine from the Microsoft site, here’s the link:
4. How Many Records Can I Process?
Although there are no built in limitations to the product, however there will be limitations on file size and how much data can be loaded in to memory.
This version of Acuate Profiler is designed as a desktop application, hence we safely recommend processing 500,000 records, but you can try processing up to 1,000,000.
Performance: The greater the number of records, the longer the processing time. You can limit the amount of processing by:
  1. Selecting only those Profiling Rules important to you
  2. Selecting only relevant fields
  3. Apply a filter to reduce the number of records processed
Important Note About Interactive Profiling: For Interactive Profiling (where information is displayed on charts), for larger number of records,
a chart can take some time to render. Hence, we highly recommend limiting to 50,000 records for meaningful results
5. How Do I Request A New Product Feature?
We welcome all product feature request and highly encourage you to ask us for what you want By telling us what you want we can truly provide a very useful product for you.
Click this link Product Features to submit your query.
All requests are prioritised and evaluated. Will keep informed all new updates and their amendments via email.
6. How Do I Request A New Profiling Rule?
We appreciate that every database is different. You will have rules that are specific for your company or your industry, Or rules that we have not yet thoughts of.
By telling us what rules you would like to see, we share that we other users.
Complete the online form Product Features to tell us all the new rules you would like.
7. How Do I Activate My product?
First you have to purchase a license. Once payment is complete, an email with a Product Key will be sent to you.
When the product first launches, a license dialog appear. Enter your email address used for payment confirmation And enter the Product Sent to your inbox. You will have full functionality straight away.
You can also activate the product from the Help menu. The same license dialog will appear.
8. Can I Use My Product on Another Machine?
The license is only for 1 user on 1 machine. Please following these steps to transfer to a new machine:
  1. Uninstall the current version
  2. Download and install the latest trial version onto the new machine
  3. Contact us to update our records
  4. You can then use the same Product Key to access your product. Your product will no longer work on the previous machine.
If you wish to use the product on more than one machine, you will have to purchase another license
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