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Internet Data Research

Stay on Top of Your B2B Contacts By Regular Call Validation

Watch Video for an explanation of why you should consider using publically available data to infill your database
There are 2 Main Reasons:

Data Research

Data Collection

Missing or incorrect information hinders many business processes
What Type of Information Can Be Found?
With So Much Information Available on the Internet, Almost Any Type of Data Can be Researched

Data Management

Sources of Information

Business Data

How Can I See If It’s Effective
Before We Undertake a Formal Project, We Conduct a Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept
Each Web Research Project is Unique Prior to Any Engagement, Proof of Concept is Conducted

B2B Data

Small Sample Size Chosen
Strategy for Web Research is Defined
Process is Created for Offshore Resources
Trial is Reviewed To Ensure Deliverability
Cost Effective Solution
This Process is People Intensive As Researchers
Have to Review Many Websites

Data Research

Offshore Resources Are The Most Effective
  • Access To Internet Savvy Resources
  • Abundance of High-Tech Individuals
When Data Has To Be Absolutely, Positively Accurate
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