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Call Validation: The Secret to Current Business Data

Stay on Top of Your Business Contacts By Regular Call Validation

Watch Video for an explanation of why you must track all your Business contacts.
Sales are often based on the value of the relationship an individual and/or the company has with a prospect/customer.
When a prospect/customer moves, it’s essential to track them as you have the chance to continue the relationship.
Relationships take time to establish, it’s an investment you do not want to lose.
A Business Contact is Incredibly Valuable
Hang On To Every Contact, They Are Far Too Valuable to Let Go
Every business relationship counts, whether it’s a customer or prospect.
Most Business contacts are based on relationships (“people buy from people”).
With 22% of Business contacts changing every year, it’s worth tracking every single contact.
Relationships Are Key
Hang On To Every Contact, They Are Far Too Valuable to Let Go
Two Types of Relationship
Your Relationship

Call Validation

Your Company’s Relationship
Relationships can be both at
contact and company level
The Relationship Equation
Every Relationship Lost = Lower Sales Opportunities

Phone Validation

Relationships Need to be
What Do I Get?
Business Contact Validation Allows You To Track Relationships

Phone Calling

When Data Has To Be Absolutely, Positively Accurate
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