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Find Matches Faster With Greater Accuracy, Using Acuate Dedupe

Best and Easiest Data Deduplication Tool Available
(Ideal for both Technical and Non-Technical Users)
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With Acuate Deduplication Tool
  • Quick Configuration for the Beginner
  • Custom Matching and Performance Settings for Advanced Users
  • Custom Matching for Popular Types
  • Video Training & Knowledge Base
  • De-duplicate with Any Data Source
  • Match between Data Sources
  • Faster Matching With Advanced Indexing
  • Data Standardisation for Greater Accuracy
Feature Summary
Data Deduping
Custom Matching Rule
Match using any field with any one our matching techniques
Database Deduplication
Rules Based Engine
Create a hierarchy of matching rules to accurately find all duplicates
Address Deduplication
Record Merging
Merge data into the master record and purge/archive the rest
Dedupe Software
Advanced Fuzzy Matching
Match characters and/or words out of place, in the wrong order or in the wrong field
Dedupe Tools
Probability Matching
Use probability of data to better find duplicates
Data Matching
Review Interactively
Review all duplicates including false positives for greater accuracy
Data Matching Tools
Standardise data prior to matching to find more duplicates
Master Record
Master Record Identification
Identify the master record for a group of duplicates
Record Matching
Custom Performance
Customise performance indexes to fine tune duplicate search times
When Data Has To Be Absolutely, Positively Accurate
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