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All In One Data Quality Solution

Best and Easiest Data Quality Tool Available
(Ideal for both Technical and Non-Technical Users)
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With Acuate's Integrity Data Quality Tool You Can…

  • Find Problematic Data
  • Fix Poor Data
  • Automate Data Cleansing
  • Measure Data Quality
  • Interactively Analyse Data
  • Clean Unresolved Data Manually
  • Schedule Cleanses
  • View Dashboards
Feature Summary
Data Quality Systems
Profiling Rules
Select from a range of profiling rules to analyse your data
Data Quality Process
Find all duplicates and find them
Data Quality Management
Schedule Jobs
Organise jobs to be run at
any time
Data Quality
Cleansing Rules
Apply cleansing rules chosen from a wide range of functions
Data Cleansing
Match records from multiple data sources
Data Scrubbing
Select from range of rules to analyse your data
Data Quality Software
Address Cleansing
Cleanse addresses to any format matched to Postal Address Files
Data Quality Software
Interactive Cleaning
Clean unresolved data problems manually
Data Quality Software
See multiple graphs in a single view
When Data Has To Be Absolutely, Positively Accurate
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